【False Bay】Freediving with SHARKS

Freediving with sharks – False Bay

02Freediving with SHARKS

While on a visit to South Africa, I had a chance to freedive with the 7-Gill cow sharks.  The dive site is called ‘Shark Alley’ , and is located near Millers point in False Bay. The spot is quite popular with the local scuba community.

The dive site is around 9-10 meters deep. And the sharks swim on the bottom, weaving between the kelp. These sharks seemed completely not interested in people, and just found us another obstacle that they would need to swim around.  Really gentle animals.

No need to wear a shark-shield when diving with these guys.

Dive Site Information:

Dive Site : Shark Alley
Location : Millers Point, Cape Town, South Africa
Depth : 7m-13m
Water Temp : 14c-19c
Visibility : 4m-15m
Access : Shore Dive
Current : No current
Skill Level : all levels
Video : Searching For Sharks
Check out the freediving video below.


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Freediver HD

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