Freediving the Yonaguni Monument 

01Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni Pyramid – Aliens or Lost Civilization?

Yonaguni Monument. Pyramid? Lost City? Lost Civilization? Natural? Work of Aliens? The Island of Yonaguni is full of mystery.

03Yonaguni Monument

I first heard about the Yonaguni monument about 6 months back, it fascinated me, and i dreamed to be able to freedive it one day. It on one of the most remote islands in Japan. There is only a small town, there is almost no people in the street, and only a few shops selling basic items..

From where I am based in Taiwan, its very difficult to get to yonaguni, without going going in a big circle of connecting flights and boat trips. However, by chance, I heard of a one off charter flight being offered, which had some seats open for sale – however I already had other plans for a diving trip to Green Island…. but after some thought, I canceled my Green Island trip, and reserved a seat on the charter flight. I had to bear all the cancellation costs for my Green Island trip, so it wasn’t an easy choice – but this charter flight was an almost once in a life time opportunity so I took it. Despite having just started at a new company, I managed to get some days off work..

Before and during the trip I had cold and fever, which made diving almost impossible – however I managed to do it. To make matters worse, the dive company only gave us 40 mins time at the dive site, which means I had to rush to see the whole monument – no time for breathing-up or relaxing… long swims followed by diving immediately.

Due to the short time at the dive site, the following day we paid a charter boat to give us 1 hour on the dive site. To my horror, right after jumping into the water, my GoPro dive housing flooded with water, and the camera was dead within 30 seconds of my getting in the water… the result is I have no videos from my 2nd dive.

This video is dedicated to all my subscribes on youtube for being so supportive over the past year – without all the positive feedback I have gotten from my subscribes I might not have made the effort to go to yonaguni and film this dive.

Whether the Yonaguni monument was made by aliens, a lost civilization or it is a natural phenomenon, I just don’t know. Nobody knows. Watch the video and decide for yourselves.

04Yonaguni Monument

05Yonaguni Monument

This video was also not cheap to produce – It costed me somewhere in between $2000-$3000 US dollars to make – so your support by liking my videos and subscribing is much appreciated.

Dive Site Information:

Dive Site : Yonaguni Monument 
Location : Yonaguni, Okinawa, Japan 
Depth : 1m-27m 
Water Temp : 28c (summer) 
Visibility : 20m-50m
Access : Boat Dive 
Current : Strong current 
Skill Level : all levels
Video : Yonaguni Pyramid – Aliens or Lost Civilization?
Check out the freediving video below.


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